Stacy Smith Photography

Stacy T. Smith

I was introduced to photography in the 70’s. My Dad was a photographer; the fumes from the darkroom emanating down the hallway must have stuck in my mind.

Several years later I found myself doing the same while stationed in Bremerhaven Germany, where it was my turn to navigate the darkroom. Processing filmstrips, pouring developer, fixer & stop bath and making prints; roaming the local towns with my Canon AE-1 Program was how I spent my down time.

I established my camera eye on the open landscape of Northern Germany and back home in Southern California. Settled now in Arizona I appreciate the open sky, diverse people, landscape, wildlife and endless sunshine. I love clouds also just as much.

Photographers have their own unique form or interpretation of the images they capture and what to do with them. Not unlike a musician, they play an instrument from their heart to your ears. I would like you to see some music, from my camera to your heart

I invite you to Listen with your Eyes as you look at the images I’ve captured. Enjoy the music you see.

Thank you,